Treatment With Vitamin D Fails to Help Patients With Osteoarthritis Knee Pain: Presented at ICR/APPED

ATLANTA — November 10, 2010 — Vitamin D supplements were unsuccessful in helping patients with osteoarthritis of the knee overcome pain, researchers stated here at the 2010 Annual Scientific Meeting of the American College of Rheumatology/Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals (ACR/ARHP).

Researchers discovered in 2007, following positive reports of vitamin D in osteoarthritis, that a single negative trial was sufficient to trigger negative coverage of all forms of self-medication with nutrients and over-the-counter supplements.

What this new report proves

An enhanced form of placebo, whereby patients did not know that vitamin D was not given to them, and an enhanced treatment modality, whereby patients in the treatment (verum) group did not know that vitamin D was not given to them, were compared.

As predicted, medical journalists were not able to perceive that the two groups were receiving the same non-treatment, and ensured a broad propagation of the truth (that supplements don’t work).

« We’ve heard the rumour that doctors tend to adjust doses until they reach a desired effect or optimal blood circulation of the therapeutic agent, » said Professor O’Bleevion. We thought that the best way to approach this problem was not to give any therapeutic agent.

When asked if treating patients with sub-optimal doses, for an insufficient time (the usual methodology), could bring more convincing negative results, Pr. O’Bleevion remarked: « whatever we say or do, medical journalists always know what they should say. And think about it: we’ll save huge amounts of time and money. Less blood tests, less medications to give: we might even be able to do without patients! »


4 réponses à “Treatment With Vitamin D Fails to Help Patients With Osteoarthritis Knee Pain: Presented at ICR/APPED

  1. Priceless….

  2. 1. « X doesn’t stop the Grim Reaper or reverse 70 years of damage. » News at 11. Dr. Funkindof gave 75 year old cancer/heart attack/Great Plaque/gun shot victims a multi-vitamin in the last 15 minutes of their lives and it made no difference. Clearly multi-vitamins are a waste. « Gee, they still died. What good are vitamins? »

    2. « Fairy Dusting. » Term originally applies to supplement makers who put in tiny doses of lots of stuff so they can brag they have 37 ingredients. In this case, they give everybody tiny doses of supplement X (plus blind dosing; they got dose Y whether they need it or not), then claim X has no effect. Ta da. « We gave everybody 4 iu of D3, but didn’t measure serum levels, and it made no difference. Clearly, D has no effect. »

    The corollary to that is they measure everybody and the mean is 23 ng/ml, and they conclude there is no relationship between D serum levels and xyz. Gee, the natural distribution is skewed and low, so since you have no adequate/therapeutic serum level data points, you have an inadequate ceiling effect.

    3. And, finally, « there is a trend that D is lethal/ineffective but the data was not statistically significant. All 3 of the 4 Ss over 20 ng/ml died/didn’t get better. »

    • Good summary! — if only it wasn’t so depressing.

      Do you have some info on how big pharma operates on these matters?

      It’s possible as well that the various FDAs in the world have their ‘hitmen’ who coordinate these studies. There is a growing concentration of power within governments, that causes strange alliances between usual agencies (DEA, FBI, IRS) and ‘softer’ ones… FDA, for instance, but even more improbable ones. At least this is what’s happening in Canada. I’d like to know more about that.

      See ya –

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