Réfugiés des cartels

Canada deports Mexico’s drug-war refugees, with deadly consequences

Thousands of Mexicans seek refuge from their country’s gruesome drug wars, but Canada has slammed the door. For some, deportation has been a death sentence

Bodies lie in a ditch in rural Mexico, as police look on. Photo by Tomas Bravo/ReutersBodies lie in a ditch in rural Mexico, as police look on. Photo by Tomas Bravo/Reuters

The first of Juan Escobedo’s many trials began in 2007 when his common-law wife, Lisbeth, then just 31, was diagnosed with cancer. The couple had four children and little money. At the time, Escobedo (not his real name) drove a bus he rented by the day around the city of Oaxaca and Lisbeth worked as a cleaner at the Mexican Social Security Institute. As a state employee, she qualified for free radiation and chemotherapy treatment at a public hospital, but doctors there held out little hope. It quickly became clear Lisbeth did not have long to live.


Business owners, law enforcement officers, journalists and other professionals are among those seeking asylum in the U.S. — even when it means sitting in jail.

March 04, 2009|Andrew Becker and Patrick J. McDonnell

EL PASO — The Juarez police lieutenant was recovering from three gunshot wounds, the result of an assault by hit men for a drug cartel. His name was on a death list brazenly posted at a monument for fallen peace officers. Lt. Salvador Hernandez Arvizu didn’t like his odds of surviving in Mexico. So he fled his hospital bed, hoping to take refuge in the U.S.


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Guerre aux cartels de la drogue: la duplicité de Mexico dévoilée

«La prétendue guerre contre le crime du président... (Photo: AP)


«La prétendue guerre contre le crime du président Calderon est uniquement dirigée contre les ennemis du cartel de Sinaloa», déplore la journaliste Anabel Hernandez, qui expose aussi dans son livre le rôle de la CIA dans le renforcement des cartels mexicains.


Emmanuelle Steels, collaboration spéciale
La Presse

(Mexico) Le livre d’Anabel Hernandez, Les seigneurs narcos, fait un tabac. Et pour cause: la journaliste mexicaine y décrit, dans ses moindres rouages, la protection qui serait accordée par le gouvernement au tout-puissant narcotrafiquant Joaquin Guzman. Sa vie est maintenant en danger, rapporte notre collaboratrice.


An Entire Village Flees Mexican Drug Violence


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November 14, 2010

The devastating drug wars ravaging Mexico have escalated to a new and disturbing level. Violence between rival cartels has forced the population of an entire town to flee for their lives, a refugee movement unseen in the country since the Mexican Revolution. Host Liane Hansen speaks with NPR’s John Burnett about a Mexican border town where nearly all of the residents have fled in the wake of drug cartel violence.





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