Modification du climat : l’exemple russe

Comment Moscou a été protégé de la radioactivité de Tchernobyl… suivi du document détaillant la méthode de modification du climat employée.

Télé-Matin explique la modification du climat en Russie… (vidéo)


Méthodologie :


Abstract : Some results of activities on cloud seeding operations to modify weather conditions over Moscow and St.Petersburg (Russia) conducted during 2003-2006 are presented. 18 operational works on improvement of weather conditions were executed during this period. The main purpose of these works was the dissipation of clouds and reduction or stopping of precipitations over the protected cities during the large social, sporting or other special events. Four basic concepts of cloud dissipation and precipitation redistribution were applied to improve the weather conditions depending on a weather conditions, type of clouds and intensity of precipitation processes: 1) dispersion of stratiform clouds; 2) destruction of convective clouds by a dynamic method; 3) premature rainfall initiation windward of the city with the purpose of the formation of a “rain shadow” (i.e. reduced rain) and 4) intensive seeding of the rain-producing cloud layers with the purpose of “overseeding”. Up to 12 aircraft, such as Il-18, Аn-12, An-72, An-30, Аn-26, An-28, An-32 and M-101 “Gzhel”, specially equipped with the meteorological equipment, data acquisition systems, “Land – Aircraft – Land” data transmission system and means for cloud seeding have been prepared for fulfillment of the works. Liquid nitrogen, granulated carbonic acid (“dry” ice), meteorological silver iodide cartridges and packages with coarse-dispersion powder were used as reagents for seeding of clouds. Management of works and the control of results were carried out with the help of the automated radar systems MRL-5 –AKSOPRI in Moscow and MRL-5 – MERCOM in St.Petersburg.



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